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Icon Tutorial: Tamaki's Smile

First tutorial ever~

Go from this:

to this:

In 5 easy steps!

Program: Photoshop CS
Difficulty Level: So easy, there is none.

Pick a base. (This technique seems to work especially well on close-up shots.)

Step 1: Duplicate your base.

Step 2: Set the top layer to "Overlay". ("Soft Light" is also optional, if you don't want your end result to be as bright.)

Step 3: From the top menu, select Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur. Make sure the radius is set to 2.5.

Step 4: Duplicate the top layer. Adjust the opacity of the new layer as you see fit (I used 50% for my icon here).

Step 5: Apply this mask by ianthinae and set it to "Screen".

...And you're all finished! Feel free to experiment, too. After all, that's how we discover even more lovely techniques~

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Nice and easy and Suou Tamaki to boot *grins* Thanks for the tutorial and I'll mem this so my Ouran mates can try it too :)

*goes to try it out on my Mori bases* *coughs*

XD I assure you, the glow effect looks good on any of the Ouran men. ;)
Mwehehehehe and so it does - here's what I've done with Mori-sama:

using various other textures too :)
Lovely! Nice border choice, too.
Thanks *smiles* I'm using it now as default on my Mori chara journal. :)

Simple but beautiful well I make this icon of Ash I add some color layers,curves and Color Blance =)
Nice! I like the way the green in his glove blends with the mask.
Thanks for the tips~! Thanks a lot~!