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Mood Theme: Ouran High School Host Club

Random Preview:

+ Comment if you take.
+ Credit punctuates in your user info.
+ If the link expires, let me know and I'll re-upload.

new savefile link to zip file

The zip file contains 132 mood images with no repeats, all in jpeg format at 80x40px, and the adminconsolecodes.txt file created by crackified.

To use the admin console to upload the mood theme:

1. Unzip the file.

2. Upload all of the images to your own server. (Like Photobucket or Imageshack.) Do not change the filenames.

3. Go to the LJ admin console.

4. Type in: moodtheme_create "Title of Theme" "Short Description of Theme". For example, I used "Ouran" "by punctuates". Click execute. If successful, the console will assign the mood theme a number. Copy this number down.

5. Open the adminconsolecodes.txt file created by crackified. Search and replace the "12345" number with the number assigned by the console. Search and replace "http://www.hosting.com/" with your url.

6. Copy and paste these edited codes into the admin console. If successful, the console will show you a list of your accepted codes.

7. Go to the modify journal page. Select the mood theme you would like to use.

Please note that these instructions are valid for paid, permanent and sponsored + account holders only.
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